Do any of you have violets (viola) in your yard? They were abundant in my yard, when I lived in Ohio. Some would even have called them weeds because they sprang up everywhere. As many of you know, the difference between a weed and a flower is in the eye of the gardener. I thought they were a beautiful groundcover, which withstood the pounding my two German Shepherds gave them daily. Violets do spread quite rapidly if they like the area. Their rhizomes creep across the ground so new plants can pop up nearby.

The violets in my yard were much more interesting than heart-shaped green leaves and deep purple blossoms on long stems. They came in various shades of purple from deep to light lavender. Their centers were white, dark or even yellow. The leaves were green or variegated. Each one was unique. Can you tell how much I like them?

This love of the simple violet was touched when I saw Hoffman Fabric’s Violet Rays Collection (page 115 of the catalog). This collection of violet batiks was perfect for my Vibrant Violets quilt. The quilt incorporates foundation pieced, striped star borders and large appliqued violet blocks. The appliques can be completed in your favorite method – needle-turn, machine or fused. At 83″ square, it is a beautiful coverlet. With an additional plain border, it makes a perfect double quilt.

The pattern is available today in our shop for both retail and wholesale. Fabrics should be shipping to stores soon!

Happy Quilting!