Lover’s Knot

What Valentine’s quilt would be complete without the mention of Love? There are several traditionla blocks that represent love. I needed one that would compliment the Wedding Bouquet block from yesterday. It Lover’s Knot by Nancy Cabot, Chicago Tribune, May 4, 1933, worked best.

This block was not modified from the original design. However, assembly was going to be a bit tricky because of the curves. First step was to break it down into simpler blocks. This is essentially a four square. Each of the squares is made of two interlocking curves.

At first, it looked like foundation piecing would be a good start. However, the extra paper when sewing the piece makes it more difficult. So, I opted for paper templates and traditional piecing. To cut the curved pieces, a 28-mm rotary cutter works much better than scissors. It takes a little practice to maneuver the cutter effectively, so it is best to practice on scraps. When working with curved pieces, pinning or clipping helps align the pieces. Alternatively, you can stretch the concave curve (corner piece) and finesse it to meet the center piece as you sew. Regardless of the method you choose, it is very important to clip the curve. This means snipping the seam allowance every 1/2-inch to enable the fabric to curve without warping. I have found that applique scissor with sharp tips work well when clipping the curve. The block definitely looks better after being pressed!

Stay tuned for the next block in my Valentines Mystery!

Happy Quilting