As a designer, I don’t want people making copies of my patterns and giving them to someone else. That takes income away from me.

But I do want you to make copies of my patterns for your use. This is particularly important when the pattern has attachments like templates or foundations.

Think of it this way. Any time you may be tempted to take scissors to the pattern in any way – DO NOT! Until you….

  1. Make a copy. Yes, even if you bought a paper copy. If you bought a digital version, print it again.
  2. Verify the registration marks to ensure it is the right size. (That is usually a little box that says this square is 1″).
  3. Mark the original as just that “ORIGINAL”. Why? It is the only one guaranteed to be right. If you need to make more copies you want them from the original.
  4. Then, work from the copies.
  5. Make more copies as needed.

You have no idea how many times, the scissors have slipped and destroyed a template or foundation. Each time, I was glad it was only a copy, and the work was not ruined. Believe it or not, there is some security in knowing you have that safety net. That security usually makes you less nervous, which makes you less likely to make a mistake. Ha! An upward spiral – how many times can you claim to see that!

Most designers will send you an electronic copy if you botch your original, but don’t count on it. Do yourself a favor and preserve the original. Work from the copy!!

Happy Quilting!

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