The #1 mistake every quilter makes is to buy a fancy sewing machine. We spend lots of money on domestic sewing machines with loads of fancy stitches. Then, we only use the straight stitch and blanket stitch for our quilts!

That seems like a bit waste of our resources. Doesn’t it??

Well, this year, I am going to correct that mistake. Are you with me???

I am going to start using these lovely free block patterns to experiment with these stitches and feet!

While I am at it, I am going to play with embellishments. Are you with me? Are you up for the challenge???

I started with this lovely little pattern – Be Mine. I sent it to my email subscribers. If you want a copy, you can find it in our shop.

I used my walking foot to do a very basic quilting pattern for the quilting. I completed the quilting before adding the applique. That made it really easy – straight lines!

Then, I used a little stem stitch (hand applique) for the lettering. If I were to do this again, I would try a couching stitch.

I fused the sash to the heart. Then, a little rickrack was in order. This provided a fun edge.

Then, I make my little flowers with Applismithing. This is a double-sided fusible technique. It makes three-dimensional appliques.

To attach the flowers, I experimented. I decided to use a shank button for the center. To add a shank button, I drilled a little hole into the center with my stiletto. The shank button was pulled through it. Then, the button was secured with some thread to the heart.

The next step was to sew the heart to the quilted background. I used a buttonhole stitch to secure the heart. After stitching it down, I wanted to decorate the edging. I used a 1/4-inch steam a seam around the edge to tack a bit of lace around the edge. I secured the lace with a straight stitch. Then, I added a narrow piece of ribbon over it.

Of course, the lace didn’t lay very flat. Something about curves… So I need to tack the edges down. Since I was already doing a little handwork, I figured I would add some beads to it as well. Once I started beading, I added some to the rick rack. I just couldn’t seam to stop!

The last step was to add a little binding. I can always use more practice on my binding skills. How about you?

Please share how you make this block!

Happy Quilting!