As you know, I have been having fun giving color tips. On Mondays, I share color schemes inspired by my photos. In my classes, I show how to use these to pick your own palettes.

One of the most common questions, is “how do you use these palettes in a quilt.”

The easiest way to use the palette is a 1:1 substitution.

  • Determine your lights, mediums, and darks for each color.
  • Substitute the palette colors of an equal value.

Let’s take the example of Flawed Diamonds.

The dark brown was substituted with Payne’s Grey.

The red centers became Black.

The mottled became Volcano.

The pink became Sahara.

The white became Harbor mottled.

If you want to learn more about recoloring patterns, please drop me a line! I would love to share more.

Happy Quilting!