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Noble Leaves

Panel quilts are fun to make, but sometimes tricky to quilt. I must say that Timeless Treasures Neon Nature panel was not only fun to make but an ease to quilt! The panel was squared. Then, I added the borders from my Noble Leaves pattern. The quilting was so easy. Some free motion leaves were […]

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Sew Wonderful

Bespoke is word not many people are familiar with in our day and age, although quilters can apply it to almost all of their creations. What does it mean? According to Merriam-Webster, bespoke means custom-made or dealing in or producing custom-made articles. All hand-made quilts are bespoke. They have our own customizations, even if they […]

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Summer Squared

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring. Around here, spring quickly jumps to summer, which means hot, hazy and lazy. Given my fair complexion, I am not normally a beach bunny. So, if you ask what my idea of a perfect beach day is, my response will include a beach blanket, […]

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Warning: I brake for turtles! Honestly, I do. I stop to save box turtles and other critters from the road. The thought of one of those little creatures getting hit by a car leaves a pit in my stomach, Yes, I am a softy, but I draw the line at snapping turtles. They are not […]

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Confetti Whimsy

What is a celebration without confetti and streamers? Ok neat people, easier to clean up is not the answer I was looking for…  Confetti and streamers are synonymous with New Years Eve, parades, weddings, and parties of all sorts. Who doesn’t love the glittery stuff floating down on guests while they smile with delight? Again, […]

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Heart of a Glacier

Testing blocks for a new quilt is so rewarding when they come out just right! I may have to make a few more of these. This test block is for Heart of a Glacier one of my new foundation pieced patterns. The quilt pattern was written for Timeless Treasure’s new Moondust collection.  Using most of […]

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Silence is Golden

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato   I will claim to be neither wise nor foolish. My silence is because I have been very busy developing some new things to share! First, we have several new patterns about to be published. They are […]

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Venetian Rose

How closely do you look at the blocks when you pick a quilt? Most of us look at the overall design first, then look at the details. The details include the colors, the technique, and maybe the block construction. For quick quilts, we gravitate toward large, simple or repetitive blocks. But sometimes these criteria for […]

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Penchant for Peacocks

Apparently, I have a penchant for peacocks. There is something about their majestic, jewel tones that makes them spectacular to watch. At almost every zoo I have ever visited, I was greeted at some point by a beautifully, plumed male peacock. If I was lucky, he would be showing off his fantastic feathers. Most of […]

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Strawberry Fields Forever

I love strawberries! As kids, my mom would take us with her to a local farm and we would pick (and eat) strawberries for hours. The farmer would joke that he should weigh us before and after, then charge the difference for the strawberries! Of course, we were so skinny and hyper, he might have […]

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