Most people are familiar with the Star of Bethlehem and how it led the three magi or wise men to find Jesus when he was born. Many people don’t know that the star was really the alignment of planets, which look like a star to the human eye. Based upon the movement of the planets around the sun, Johannes Kepler theorized it was the alignment of three planets – Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. What is extraordinary is that Jupiter and Saturn align every 20 years, like clockwork, so to speak. This year they will have the closest alignment since 1226, which means they will appear as the brightest star since then. This will occur next week and can be seen just over the western horizon about an hour after sunset.

So why am I brining up the Star of Bethlehem in my quilting blog? Well, the Shining Star Runner is one of my best selling patterns and it just received an update. For those who have purchased the pattern through me, I have already emailed the update to you. This pattern has three stars in alignment. This was an unwitting design choice on my part. I was unaware of the significance until I learned more about the star this week. Talk about happy coincidence.

Yesterday, I finished the quilting the runner for my own house for Christmas. I am generally good about finishing the tops, but getting to the quilting usually takes me a while! Because I have a stalled quilt sitting on my longarm, this one was quilted on my Viking Sapphire. I chose straight lines for quilting to accentuate the radiance of a star. I am still trying to master straight lines with free motion on my sewing machine, so I cheated a little. I used my walking foot and a ruler to get the lines that were not simply stitching in the ditch. It was quick and easy – just my kind of holiday project!

I can’t wait to make it again in blue and silver. It will be a wonderful winter runner as well. I am just waiting for the last bolt of fabric to arrive in the shop.

Today, I was very excited to see someone’s progress on the runner posted on my Facebook page. As a designer, seeing other quilters color choices and quilting is always satisfying and sometimes inspiring! So I encourage people to share their work.

Happy Quilting!


For more information on this check out the Forbes article.