Have you ever noticed that there are so many different types of rotary cutters? Why do we need so many different kinds? Is it just marketing?

Well, it isn’t just marketing, some really do different things and have unique features. For example, some have more ergonomic handles than others. That is important especially if you have wrist issues. Some have locking mechanisms for the blades. That also is a safety issue, particularly if you have small children or pets that tend to get into things. Some have different types of blades – straight, pinking, decorative, etc.

Most importantly though, size does matter. The size helps to determine not how many layers it can cut through. It also indicates if it is useful for curved work.

Finally, you don’t need to throw out the cutter when it starts giving you fits. The blade probably just needs to be changed.

If you want to learn more about the sizes and capabilities of rotary cutters, please watch our latest YouTube video – “Sharpen Your Skills – Rotary Cutters.” The video also demonstrates how to safely change those useful, but dangerous blades.

Happy Quilting!