When I started this blog and my business, one of my objectives was to work through my stash to complete a plethora of projects that were sitting in my sewing room. What I did not take into account was that my mother would start sending me her stash!

One afternoon, I received an unexpected package, which contained a quilt kit for the Holiday Dash by Janice Ryan. There was no note or pattern instructions – just the fabric in a bag. Thankfully, I recognized the return address as my parent’s home. So I waited for them to call. Sure enough, a few days later my dad called inquiring about the package. I responded that I received it, but wasn’t sure what they wanted me to do with it. Did they want it back completed? Was it a gift for someone? My mom clarified that she was slowing down and wanted to make sure her fabric had a good home.

Well, I always struggle with what to give my parents for Christmas. They have most of what they need and are trying to divest of extra stuff in the house. But this gave me a great opportunity. I found the instructions online and set to work on completing it as their Christmas present – a new twist on “regifting.” I am drawn to Robert Kaufman’s Holiday Flourish fabric which was included in the kit my dad sent – in fact I bought this year’s design for myself. The pattern were simple churn dash blocks with plain sashing and mitered borders. I was able to piece it in less than a day.

Holiday Dash pattern by Janice Ryan

This beautiful fabric deserved quilting that would enhance it. I worked deep into the night for three days to finish it before Christmas. The plain sashing was quilted using the Jade border ruler from HandiQuilter to give it a little pop. The panel squares were framed with simple lines. Meanwhile, the outer frames were embellished with free motion quilting – curls and ribbon candy. To highlight the gorgeous panels, I outlined the elements and heavily stippled around them, which made them stand out both visually and tactilely. Finally, the gilded border was traced to bring texture to it. Given the bright colors, I used coordinating red, green and ivory threads. As a result, the back almost was as interesting as the front!

Churn Dash quilt backing

Here is a close up of one of the blocks, so you can see the details.

The most important thing was the surprised smile on my mothers face when she received the quilt. She did not expect it back completed, let alone within a month. It was worth the sleepless nights to see her smile.

Do you have a regifting story?

Happy Quilting