Tourmaline & Thyme visit Indiana

This past weekend, I took a very long road trip to transport my niece to dive camp, pick up my son from college, deliver Lego’s to my grandkids, and visit my mother. This took me through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and New York. I traveled over 2200 miles in 4 days. Needless to say, it took me a few days to recuperate.

Even with all of that driving, I knew that I would have a little me time in West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University) while my son was studying for his last final. What a perfect way to spend that time – quilt shopping! Unfortunately, The Quilters’ Travel Companion and Crafters’ Guide did not list any quilt shops in West Lafayette or its big sister Lafayette. It was so hard to believe that an engineering school did not have a quilt show. I know so many engineers who are quilters! It must be the math. Yet, I digress.

My next resource was the good, old-fashioned Yellow Pages. It listed a couple of shops, most of which were appointment only.  There was one highly recommended shop in Rossville, which will be on my itinerary the next time I visit Purdue. On this trip, however, I visited Sisters Too Viking Sewing Shop, which is owned by two sisters – Diedre and Daren. It was a fitting place as my primary stationary machine is a Viking Sapphire 870Quilt.

While at the shop, Daren and I had a lovely conversation about Viking machines, other local shops, and quilting! They had a great selection of machines, which I was not in the market to buy. In addition, they had a really well stocked assortment of accessories. These definitely caught my attention. I am planning to add embellishments to my future quilts, so this was opportune. Daren helped me pick the right feet for what I was planning to do.

I strongly recommend that you feed your quilting addiction when you travel, even if it is a quick stop at a local shop to explore.  The Quilter’s Travel Companion is a great way to find those shops. If that fails, Google and the Yellow pages work too.

Happy quilting!