Quilters, Quarantine and Covid-19

Fellow quilters, this is an uncertain time. With the corona virus spreading rapidly around the globe, people are emptying grocery shelves, schools are closing, travel is slowing, and people are shutting themselves up in their homes. I would suspect that most quilters stockpiles groceries like they grow their stash. So many of you are well supplied for the pandemic.

I encourage each of you to read the CDC guidance and follow it. Two of the most important elements are to wash your hands often, something quilters are used to, and maintain social distances. Social distancing can be difficult if you belong to a guild, or attend bees and quilt shows. However, be cognizant that many people at these events are in the high risk category, so keep them safe by keeping your distance or better yet, staying home.

The thought of staying home for some may be daunting, yet quilters may find this a welcome turn of events. So as part of your Covid-19 preparation or coping, I encourage you to pick a project or several projects that will keep you busy for the next month or two. Do a quick inventory of supplies. If you need something, but are leery of leaving home, most quilt shops have an online store and would be happy to send it to you or make it available for curbside pick-up. Then, use this time to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. Consider it mental therapy in this stressful time. No one needs to know that you are planning your own private quilt retreat!

Seriously, please abide by social distancing. It will give the medical community much needed time to test people, tend to those who are most seriously ill, and allow time for vaccines and treatments to be developed. Use online methods for shopping and have the goods (groceries, medications, fabric….) either delivered or available for curbside pick-up. Utilize Uber- Eats and other delivery services. According to the latest information, the virus stays alive on surfaces for generally less than 24 hours, so shipped materials should be safe. However, the virus can be spread for up to 20 days after symptoms first appear. So even if you are feeling better, you could still spread it. This will keep many of our local people employed, minimize your risk, and help communities stay healthier.

As for me, my cupboard is always well stocked. My mom taught me that lesson growing up in the mountains. My Netflix and Hallmark Movies subscriptions are paid. My stash is plentiful, but could always use a little more. And I have at least a half-dozen projects lined up for piecing and quilting. I will be sure to post my progress and I hope you share yours as well.

Happy Quilting


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