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Are you a gardener??

Spring is fast approaching, and I am so excited to see my flowers blooming. We moved into a new house almost two years ago and I am slowly adding to my gardens. They are always a work in progress. And they bring me so much joy!

I am a big fan of perennials. Their beauty year over year enables me to tweak the garden each year. It’s like being a painter that adds a few brush strokes here and there to highlight areas of their canvas. In this case, the garden is my canvas.

I like to start with small plants and let them grow into their space. There is the satisfaction of watching their progress, comparing school photos year after year. Plus, it is a lot less expensive! I can have so many different plants if I just am patient.

This love of garden blooms and making subtle tweak was the inspiration behind Sunny Flower Patches. “Bright Summer” by Anthology was the perfect collection for my quilted garden.

Finished Size: 62” x 75”

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Introduction: Fusible or machine applique make this amazing quilt! A variety of greens and bright colors are sunny addition to your room.

Fabric Requirements for Anthology “Bright Summer”                          

SKU Yard SKU Yard
100Q-1414 Milk 3 3478Q-X Rose  1/3
3473Q-X Green  3/4 3477Q-X Dandelion  2/3
3474Q-X Lime  1/2 3472Q-X Jade  1/2
3475Q-X Mint  1/2 3471Q-X Dark Green  1/2
3481Q-X Berry  1/3 3470Q-X Lilypad * 1 1/2
3480Q-X Magenta Star Garden  1/3 3476Q-X Lemon 1
3479Q-X Magenta Sparkling Flowers  1/3
Quilt Backing     4 yds Quilt Batting    72” x 85”

* Includes Binding

Notions: Freezer Paper

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