Santa’s Railway Kit


Did you purchase the Ol’ St. Nick All Aboard panel and the Santa’s Railway pattern, but are having trouble finding the coordinating fabrics? If so, here they are! The border fabric is substituted for a similar fabric.

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Santa’s Railway Kits are here! The border fabric is substituted for a similar fabric.

U5027-161-Christmas                        1 panel

R7690-176S Ice Silver                        1/2 yd

S4705-5 Red                                         2/3 yd

R2284-253 Havana                             1/2 yd

1895-189 Christmas Green                1/4 yd (Similar to 1895-146 Stone Green)

R2284-6 Brown                                    1/2 yd

885-494 Raven                                     1/2 yd

U4995-210G Christmas Red Gold    2/3 yd (Similar to U4997-210G Christmas Red Gold)

1895-602 Earthday                              1/8 yd

885-403 Cherry                                    2/3 yd

G8555-3S White Silver                          1 yd

885-309 Viridian                                  1/4 yd

Pattern and panel are included!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 4 yd


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