Pink Ice



Finished Size: 97” x 97”

Skill Level: Intermediate

Introduction: This incredible block of the month (12 blocks) will thrill you with the secondary designs. Take it one step at a time and enjoy!

Fabric Requirements for Timeless Treasure’s “Tonga Frost”                                          

SKU Yard SKU Yard
Tonga-B2336 Frost 2 Tonga-B3530 Winter 2/3
Tonga-B2798 Frozen 1 1/2 Tonga-B2797 Snow 1 1/4
Tonga-B6169 Blizzard 1 1/8 Tonga-B2336 Chill 1
Tonga-B6981 Sparkle 1/2 Tonga-B2695 Star 1 1/4
Tonga-B2796 Solstice 1 Tonga-B2531 Night 1 3/4
Tonga-B6169 Ice 1/3 Tonga-B2796 Holiday 1/3
Tonga-B1800 Castle 1 1/2 Tonga-B3530 Reindeer * 1
Tonga-B6981 Cloud 2 2/3 Tonga-B3528 Polar 1/4
Batting                           107” x 107” Backing 9 yd

Notions: Foundation paper

* Binding


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