q Prismatic | Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts

Large prints are so beautiful, but how do you use them in quilt other than as a panel?  That was the challenge when I saw the gorgeous Luminosity collection from Northcott. I wanted to highlight the magnificent large print and design something a little different. I needed something with large pieces, like a large wheel, sun or compass. With a name like Luminosity, a sun pattern was perfect!

The wedges of the sun were made from two different cuts of the large print. Each cut highlighted a different part of the repeat pattern. Then, foundation pieces were added to the tips of each wedge. The wedges were sewn together to make the sun block. The sun was then appliqued to the background. Borders were added as a frame. The final quilt, called Prismatic, measures 93″ square.

The quilt is made with foundation piecing. We have created a YouTube video to explain how to make the circle for the center of the sun!

It is available from our shop for both retail and wholesale. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy Quilting!