My sister is such a thoughtful person. For my birthday, she sent me a box of quilting goodies. She is not a quilter, but looked online for a list of quilters favorite tools. She chose quite well! Here are four of my favority things from that box of goodies.

That Purple Thang is a great tool for holding down seams when sewing over them, guiding fabric into bias or binding tools, or turning tubes right-side out. One end is curved to easily reach under a presser foot. The other end is flat and measures one-quarter inch – usefuly for measuring quickly. The hole in the center can be used to thread strings through waistbands or other tight places.

Have you ever reached into your container of thread and found a nest of threads? Then, you spend five minutes untangling them to get the one spool you wanted. The Peel Spool Huggers keep your threads from unraveling.

Do you have threads that look like they match, only to find out after you sew with them, they don’t? Buddies Bobbin Clips neatly keep your threads and bobbins matched during storage.

I am a rather lazy seamstress and don’t like to use pins unless absolutely necessary. Clover Mini Clips are a great alternative when sewing long strips of fabric together. The clips keep the fabric from slipping so that your seams are straighter. They are also perfect to use when holding bindings in place when you finish a quilt. They are also useful when holding block pieces together when organizing your project. The clips are flat on the back and curved on the front so they slide easily across the table of your sewing machine. The flat backs have two measuring lines on them – one at 1/4-inch and the other at 3/8-inch. This helps when making lining up seams.

I hope you have a chance to try some of these great gadgets!

Happy Quilting