Do you ever scroll through your photos and just stop. You find that one photo that brings you back to a certain time and place. You pause soaking in that memory.

This photo was one of those. It was taken during our honeymoon in Santorini. We were on a sunset dinner cruise in the caldera. The cruise was for a dozen people, but the others didn’t show. So, we were the only ones. The crew was so wonderful. We swam in the Mediterranean Sea, ate a delicious dinner, and watched the sun set over the quaint city of Oia.

I decided to use it for today’s color palette, which is a bit metallic – gold and silver. Metallic colors bring a feeling of power, luxury and majesty to project.

My Flawed Diamonds pattern completely different with these pastels from Hoffman’s Watercolor collection. (The original is grey and burgundy).

Plumeria and Butter Cream didn’t have enough separation for my taste. Therefore, I substituted Hoffman’s 885-638-Harbor, which is a mottled batik with white, blue and brown.

The other colors were kept in balance as much as possible. That meant not using a 1:1 substitution for the original pattern. I had to play a little to get the balance right.

What do you think? Given my son went to Purdue, this may be the perfect color scheme for him? What do you think?

Trust Yourself with Color! Do you doubt yourself when selecting colors? If you do, pick a photo you like, find the pleasing colors in it. Then, match those colors to fabric. You can then translate those colors into a quilt!

I recommend finding a large solid/blender collection to use as your base. I picked Hoffman’s 1895 collection.

Happy Quilting!

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