Optical illusions or literary license? I am talking about white sand beaches. This beach is truly a coral beach in a Pacific Atoll. At first glance, the sand is so pale it looks almost white. But when trying to match the color, it is actually a light taupe or fog color.

There are so many things that I like about this photograph. The cerulean blue sky. Do you see, the reflection of it in the water below. I like the pure quality of the sand below. The unexpected large pine tree on the Pacific coast is the perfect backdrop. If you look very carefully, there is a rope swing hanging from the branches of the tree.

Now, you may wonder why the pine tree surprised me. This particular island is located near the equator. Again, my brain thinks palm, not pine. Isn’t it amazing the notion we get about what belongs where. Often it is based on our perceptions, not reality. This was the interesting reminder.

Ok, back to quilting and color. This photo proved to be a little challenge when putting it into a quilt. I had to choose which colors should dominate, as they a beachy feel, I decided that the pine tree would simply be an accent. The reflected water would be the centers of the blocks. Then, the blue and white for the sky would also be accents.

Here is Secret Stars, recolored in the Pacific Paradise. The colors are cooler than one would think for a tropical space. But maybe that is mother nature’s way of balancing temperatures.

Trust Yourself with Color! Do you doubt yourself when selecting colors? If you do, pick a photo you like, find the pleasing colors in it. Then, match those colors to fabric. You can then translate those colors into a quilt!

Happy Quilting!

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