I have to confess…. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I have already polished off my dish of candy hearts. I have zero will power when it comes to those sugary treats.

I did manage to get a good picture of them before they disappeared though. That picture was the inspiration for today’s color inspiration!

I decided to use it for today’s color palette. These are all tints, which means they are hues (pure color) with white added to them.

These light colors are considered peaceful, soft or gentle. That may be why these soothing colors are so often chosen for nurseries – to keep the baby calm. (I wish I had thought of this instead of the bright yellow I used!)

My Snow Day pattern completely different with these pastels from Hoffman’s Watercolor collection. (The original is red, white and blue).

The Hibiscus is really saturated compared to the other colors. So, like the writing on the hearts, I kept it to a minimum. This prevented it from overpowering the rest of the colors.

The other tints were kept in balance as much as possible. That meant not using a 1:1 substitution for the original pattern. I had to play a little to get the balance right.

As usual, I wanted a unifying fabric for the border. This time I chose a Hoffman Mottle 839-135 Pastel. This fabric incorporates all of my colors.

What do you think? Is doesn’t it completely change the quilt?

Trust Yourself with Color! Do you doubt yourself when selecting colors? If you do, pick a photo you like, find the pleasing colors in it. Then, match those colors to fabric. You can then translate those colors into a quilt!

I recommend finding a large solid/blender collection to use as your base. I picked Hoffman’s 1895 collection.

Happy Quilting!

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