Previously, we talked about how many blades you want in your Dresden block. Now, to determine big that blade will be.

If you are making the blade as part of a block, it should be at least 1/2-inch shorter than the block width. If you are appliqueing it on top of a quilt, the only restriction is the width of the quilt!

How big will the tip of the blade be? Well, that depends upon the length of the blade. The blade gets wider as it gets longer. The tip length is equal to half the width of the blade for your chosen length. For example, a 10-degree blade that is 10-inches long has a blade width of 2 inches. The tip will be 1-inch long. How does this work? Well, the tip forms an isosceles right triangle. The distance from the edge of the blade to the middle of the blade (half the blade width) is equal to the length of the tip of the blade. Regardless of the ruler used, this formula works.

If you are making Dresden Plates (Petals), the tip length will be the same. To make these, you will need to find a circle (semi-circle) template with a radius the same distance as the tip length. Or you could choose the circle diameter equal to the wedge width. It is the same thing!

In the next post, cutting wedges, making blades and putting the blades together…

Happy Quilting!