Justice – Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts, copyright 2020

Social justice has been headlining the news lately. The latest wave started in Minnesota and spread across the globe. This was the inspiration for the Block of the Month – Justice.

This Block of the Month tells the story or at least I hope it does through traditional blocks with a modern spin. The latest issues started in Minneapolis so the center block is Minnesota, also known as Depression, by Nancy Page (1934). Minnesota is flanked on four sides by Broken Heart (Quilt Book No 1, 1931). Many were broken hearted as the scene from Minnesota played across our headlines. In between the Broken Heart blocks are four Washington Pavement blocks (Laura Wheeler, 1933). Washington, DC was just one of many places where peaceful protests became unruly. The corner blocks for the quilt center are Jagged Edge (Ickis, 1949), which is appropriate as most fights for justice have to go through a series of challenges. Those challenges become easier as we stand together. Thus, the half blocks along the quilt center are Strength in Union (Nancy Cabot, 1934). Finally, the middle border blocks lead to the hope of so many – Paths to Peace (Havig, 1938).

The colors chosen for the quilt are also symbolic. Justice issues are rarely black and white. They have many shades of gray. Regardless, there is always at least one injured party, which the red represents.

I hope you will join me on this Block of the Month (BOM) adventure. To sign-up visit my shop. When you sign-up, you will receive fabric and instructions each month for seven months. You will also receive exclusive access to a dedicated Facebook page, where I will be posting instructional videos and tips. Hopefully, you will show your progress and hints as you complete the quilt. If you are someone who likes to “get it done,” I will also be providing a kit option, which will have the same access to the Facebook resources. With the kit option, you may have to wait a little bit for me to post the videos 🙂

Happy Quilting 🙂


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