Iris Blossoms

In each of my garden’s, I have planted irises. The tall, slender spikes of their foliage add a nice contrast to the rest of the leaves in the garden. Their graceful blooms of purple, blue, white, and yellow open to attract butterflies. The fuzzy tongues in their centers standout out as yet a third texture they offer. They are one of my favorites.

Irises have been popular in art throughout the ages. In the Victorian language of flowers, floriography, they mean “message”. They were particularly popular in art nouveau, especially combines with twinning vines. Iris Blossoms is my take on Iris Blossoms. These irises are arranged in rows on the border and symmetrically in the center medallion.

The quilt is made with five different foundation pieced blocks and finishes at 90″ square. The pattern specifies Hoffman’s “The Softness of Spring” collection. I have finished the top. Now, to figure out the quilting for it.

Happy Quilting!