Fabric speaks to me, sometimes. When I receive swatches from fabric manufacturers, the fabrics often tell me what type of design to create. There are those occasions when they shout – DO NOT TOUCH ME. I have learned to listen to that too. When they tell me the type of design they like, I work with it. Sometimes the fabrics stammer or mumble so I struggle a little with the design. Eventually, I figure it out. It just takes patience.

Hoffman’s Pastel Party was one of those fabrics that spoke to me loud and clear. It spoke of the Impressionist painters like Monet, Sisley, Cezanne, and Pissarro with their gentle brush strokes and softer lines. Many of those artists, like Monet, painted a series of works. Each slightly different that the other as they tried to capture their essence. Some of the Water Lillies were painted in blue hues, while others were painted in green hues. In fact, Monet painted over 250 Water Lillies painting. Twenty-five paintings were part of just the first series that were exhibited in 1908.

Impressionistic has two repeating blocks with similar color palettes much as the impressionist masters would paint variations on the theme. The blocks are relatively simple with Flying Geese, Quarter Square Triangles and Split Triangles. With finished dimensions of 39″ x 48″, it is the perfect size for beginners as it makes a beautiful lap quilt or wall hanging. Double the number of blocks and you have a beautiful throw (48″ x 75″).  Quadruple the number of blocks for a full quilt (75″ x 93″). You get the idea 🙂

The Impressionistic pattern is now available in our shop for both retail and wholesale.

Happy Quilting!