Several years ago, when I visited my Aunt in Southern California, I noticed these amazing little flowers growing all along the roadside. I asked her what they were. She replied they were really a weed that was invading the area. Apparently, they had been planted years ago to stabilize the area along the roadside and had become a little too comfortable with Southern California life. When I told her that we planted them in New England as an annual, she just scoffed. I didn’t care, they were adorable! Their succulent leaves and fringe like flowers were a pretty paradox.

When Jenny picked the Six Blade for the EQ Block Spotlight, I knew just what to do with them. I would make Ice Flowers! Half of the blades were colored to match the background, which gave the impression of petals. As ice flowers come in a variety of colors, the ones in the quilt needed to be as well.  The trick was to make the succulent leaves. I used the Serendipity function in EQ8 to Shrink and Flip a Plain Wedding Ring block. They were a great imitation. Overall, I was pretty happy with the effect. What do you think?

The pattern will be coming soon!!

Happy Quilting!