Heart of a Glacier Block

Heart of a Glacier Quilt

Testing blocks for a new quilt is so rewarding when they come out just right! I may have to make a few more of these. This test block is for Heart of a Glacier one of my new foundation pieced patterns. The quilt pattern was written for Timeless Treasure’s new Moondust collection.  Using most of the colors in the collection will create a scrapping looking quilt. Or pick your favorite combination of fabrics to create a more refined look. The Moondust fabric has flecks of color in it, which give it some depth. The black background provides a nice contrast for the beautiful colors in this collection.

Heart of a Glacier’s block finish at 24-inches. Nine blocks with the border will make a 92-inch square quilt. Four blocks would make a nice baby quilt, while sixteen would fit a king-sized bed!

The quilt is made with foundation pieced blocks. The foundations help you get more perfect points than traditional piecing will.  Foundation piecing is simple once you get the hang of it. Just be sure to have plenty of paper (the thinner the better), tape and tweezers.

This pattern is available for wholesale and retail from our shop.

Happy Quilting!