2020 has been a year unlike any other in recent memories. Because of all that craziness, it is all the more reason to count our blessings this Thanksgiving. I would like to share some of mine.

  • My family for all of the love, laughter and support they provide.
  • My friends who stayed in to keep us close during this time of distance.
  • My health and all of the medical practitioners who help to stay healthy.
  • My pets for their unconditional companionship (ok they may demand affection every so often).
  • Our veterinarians and groomers who help keep our fur babies health and primped.
  • My teachers, both from school and out of school, who provided lifelong learning.
  • My mentors, who nurtured my self-confidence, provided guidance, and helped me find my inner strength.
  • The people in the armed forces, public safety, and fire protection who keep us safe.
  • The wonderful bakers, cooks and chefs, who put their yummy recipes on the internet to encourage us to break out and try something new.
  • My kitchen and the places that stock it so I can bake and cook when I need comfort.
  • The internet and all my electronic devices that enabled me to keep working this year from home.
  • The shops, warehouses, and delivery people who bring my quilting and other supplies to my door.
  • Netflix and the Hallmark channel, which provided great distractions.
  • My garden and the critters that occupy it, which bring beauty into my life.
  • My quilting and needlework, which provide a feeling of productivity.
  • My faith, which gives me strength and hope.

I am sure each of you has a list of your own. During the past month, I took a few minutes out of my day to reflect on my blessings. One night, it was that the neighborhood skunk missed our dogs! It was a practice that I may keep as the mindfulness helped me to be more productive and patient in my quilting.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and happy quilting.