Trick or Treat – Copyright 2019 Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts

Trick or Treat! is the chorus many people look forward to each Halloween. We shop for treats to avoid the tricks. We decorate our houses and shops, hoping that rowdy kids won’t redecorate for us. Some of us even still dress up for this spooky evening.

In remembrance of my childhood Halloween, I designed “Trick or Treat.” When I was a kid, traditional costumes and decorations included witches, bats, spiders and devils. We liked to send our parents on wild goose chases to find the houses that gave the best candy or haunted houses.

Trick or Treat captures these ideas in a layered nine patch. The four corners contain the Witch’s Star (Nancy Cabot, Chicago Tribune, Jan 29, 1938). The four cardinal blocks (north, south east, and west) or top, bottom, left and right) is comprised of three squares in squares. The center square, which looks like candy corn, is a Spiderweb Maltese block. Devil’s Puzzle (Ladies Art Company, 1897), set on point, is the middle square. The outer square is Wild Goose Chase (Ruby McKim, Kansas City Star, Dec 12, 1928).

The center block of Trick or Treat is another nine patch. The four corners of this nine patch are Children’s Delight (Ladies Art Company, 1897). The center block is another version of the Spiderweb Maltese. Bat’s Wings (Ladies Art Company, 1897) fill in the cardinal blocks of the center patch.

These seven blocks can be traditionally pieced. However, I will use foundation piecing for most of the blocks in the pattern. This pattern will be available soon in Etsy. This isn’t a trick so we how making it will be a treat!

Happy Quilting