Fusible applique is a quick and easy way to add pizzazz to a quilt. Most people think of raw edges when they hear fusible applique. Granted that is a beautiful use for the fusible, but it isn’t the only one. There is so much more to know about fusible. First, not all fusibles are created equal. That is purposeful. Some fusibles are temporary, while others are permanent. They can have a light hold or a heavy hold. Fusibles can be water soluble or heat soluble. They can be adhesive on one side or both. Some are printable. Fusibles can be sewable or not. On top of fusible comes in different forms – sheets, rolls, tape, etc. See what I mean? It may seem like fusible is way too confusing to even start using.

It really isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The most important thing is to know your end use. That will help you pick the right one.

What can you use fusible for?

  • As stated earlier, fusible is often used for raw edge applique.
  • Fusible web can also be used for finished edge applique. The edges are turned under, the fusible is applied to the applique, and then to the quilt top.
  • Fusible web or adhesive spray tacks large medallions to a quilt top. This can work as well or better than pins, which can shift a little during sewing.
  • Fusible stabilizer keeps decorative stitches from tunneling or pulling.
  • Fusible stabilizer is also a great option for bags and other structured projects.
  • Fusible web or adhesive spray can stabilize quilt top, backings and batting, when making a quilt sandwich.
  • Fusible web tape holds tape bias tape and binding together. It can also be used to tack these to the quilt.

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Happy Quilting!