Fall is one of my favorite seasons. For some fall lovers, it is football, going back to school, apple picking, and pumpkin patches. For me, it is about foliage and flowers. Fall brings jewel-toned chrysanthemums, purple and white asters, goldenrod, and gradations of green, gold, red, rust, and brown leaves. I was fortunate to grow up near the Adirondack Mountains, where the fall foliage is simply spectacular. We watched the mountains change from verdant greens to a dappled delight worthy of a Monet painting. You could watch each tree’s color change like litmus paper. Maples migrate from green to yellow and then orange and bright red. Birches blend from green to yellow. Oaks age to rusts and browns. The sight is a feast for the eyes, if you love color as I do.

Because I love this cornucopia of colors, I was inspired by Hoffman’s new Autumn’s Finest collection (see page 93 of the Fall 2021 Project catalog). The rich rusts reminded me of the beautiful fall colors of the Adirondacks. These colors, along with the beautiful Hoffman Watercolors, were perfect for my next Whimsy quilt. A series of quilts featuring checkerboard designs, mixed with whimsical appliques. Thus, Fall Whimsy was created.

Like my other Whimsy designs, the central wheel is a strip pieced to make it relatively quick and easy to assembly. Believe it or not, there are no curved pieces! Once the wheel is complete, the whimsy is added with appliques. I choose to fuse mine and secure them with decorative stitching. You can use your favorite method – hand applique (needle-turn), machine applique, or fusible applique. The checkerboard borders are added as a final touch. These quilts are fun to embellish with embroidery, custom quilting, beading, or anything else you can imagine! That is the real whimsy – your imagination. I can’t wait to show you my version, when it is complete!

If you would like to try this pattern or carry it in your shop, please let us know! It is currently available for retail and wholesale from our shop.

Happy Quilting