Stories about fairies have been around for centuries. They range from mythology to fairy tales to more recent stories like Peter Pan and the Spiderwick Chronicles. Fairies have special powers to help or hinder characters in the stories. They are rarely the lead character, but definitely influence the outcome of the story. I have always enjoyed these characters, especially Tinkerbell with her tenacity.

Maybe my fascination with fairies is part of my heritage. When we visited Ireland, it is easy to find fairy forts and understand the place fairies have in Irish culture. There are good fairies and bad fairies. Good fairies are to be befriended, while bad fairies are to be avoided. Four leaf clover and daisies are said to ward bad fairies off. That is one of the reasons that daisies were included in my new quilt design, “Fairies Gathering.”

Fairies Gathering features Dear Stella’s Fairy Forest collection. The pretty plaid, pinks and blues are the perfect pairing with this fusible applique quilt. The quilt finishes at 32″ square, so is a beautiful little wall hanging for your little lover of fairy tales.

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Happy Quilting!