Are you tired of picking little pieces of paper out from under your seams?

Are you tired of printing reams of paper for foundations in large quilts?

You are tired of both, but still love the crisp points and ease of foundation piecing?

In that case, have you tried freezer paper foundations?

Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Make sure your foundation will fit on the freezer paper, without needing to tape it together. Keep in mind that freezer paper comes in wide rolls, so you may not be limited to 8 1/2-inch x 11-inch pages.
  • You can tape freezer paper pieces together. However, tape and irons don’t mix well…. So I advise against taping foundations together. If you really need to, use a non-stick sheet in between to protect your iron.

Each freezer paper foundation can be used multiple times. I have used them up to 20 times! In fact, the first use is the hardest, because you are making the initial folds. After those folds are made, it is even quicker and easier than paper!

To start, transfer the design from paper to the freezer paper by tracing the design. I recommend using a straight edge and a pencil. You can use a pen, but be sure of your markings! Do NOT use a Frixon or other heat erase pen. You will constantly be erasing your lines if you do.

Once the design, including the labels are transferred. Fuse the first piece to your starting point. This is similar to gluing or pinning the first piece for paper.

Then, fold the piece at the first line and trim the edges 1/4″ from the fold. This is just like using paper foundations.

Add the next piece, right sides together, aligning cut edges. Again, just like using paper foundations. When doing this, I recommend allowing the new piece to extend about 1/16th of an inch beyond the fused piece. There are two reasons. First, it minimizes shadows for lighter fabrics. Second, it minimizes bulky transitions for quilting.

Finally, you sew the seam NEXT TO the fold. Be careful not to sew the freezer paper to the fabric. That kind of defeats the purpose.

Fold the freezer paper flat again. Fold the fabric open. And press. This will stick the new piece of fabric to the freezer paper. It holds it firm so you can trim the fabric easily.

Make your next fold, trim, and sew, just like you normally do.

When you have added the last piece, just peel the freezer paper off! Voila – you are done. No little pieces of paper. And you are ready to do it all over again.

Now, if you want to see this process in action, click on the video!

Freezer Paper Foundations

If you want to learn more about freezer paper foundations, please add a comment or email me.

Happy Quilting!

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