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One question will always be asked during a class “Where do I get that tool?” That tool is usually a ruler or other notion which I have found makes my patterns easier. Up until recently, I would give a link to a local quilt shop, on-line quilt shop, or Amazon as I did not carry notions in my shop. That has changed! I have started to carry a few notions, which I use in my patterns. These notions are not your normal quilt rulers, but ones that I mention in my patterns and may not be available in every local quilt shop. Of course, I am a big supporter of local quilt shops, so I always recommend checking there first.

As I add these notions, I will introduce them in my blog with a few instructions and links to patterns it may be used to create.

Dresden Blade

The first of these notions is the Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool. Say that ten times fast! I love this tool for making Dresden Blades and I like to add Dresden Blades to patterns for a little pop. Dresdens are technically appliques and may be curved (Petals) or pointed (Blades). Dresdens are sewn together to make fans or wheels.

To make a Dresden blade or petal, you start with a wedge. To make the blade,

  • Fold each wedge in half lengthwise with right sides together.
  • Sew the wide end of the wedge using ¼-inch seam.
  • Turn the piece right side out to make the point of the wedge
  • Press the point flat, using a Prairie Point Tool and a hot iron.

Sapphire Nights

Purple Craze – Copyright 2020 Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts

Palmetto Pines


Ladies Tea

Dresden Blades may be the primary feature of a quilt like in Palmetto Pines, Sapphire Nights, or Purple Craze. Or Dresden Blades can be used as an accent as in Ladies Tea. Either way, they are a fast and fun way to make interesting quilts.

Give Dresdens and the Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool a try and you may find you really like them.

Happy Quilting!