Do you ever have one of those weeks when you know you should be more productive, but time just keeps slipping away? I am having one of those weeks.

I need to get some patterns finished and tested before the end of the month. We have some great ones coming out for Timeless Treasures and Hoffman Fabrics very soon. Well, as soon as I finish editing them!

I really want to finish the project that is sitting on my longarm. It is a small project, but it has lots of fun ruler work. I will only take a day to finish if I put my mind to it.

Unfortunately, I am a bit distracted…. Our son just left to go back to Purdue, where he will be starting his 4th year in engineering. I spent an afternoon making new masks for him as the school is requiring masks and vaccinations (a good combo).

Fergus and Rigby

Then, there is the little miss in the picture – Rigby. She is a Newfoundland and 15 lbs at 9 weeks old. Thankfully, she is pretty much housebroken already. Now, we are working on sleeping through the night – my definition not hers. She seems to think a romp at midnight is fun…. My sleep deprived mind thinks otherwise. Rigby and Fergus are full brother and sister. He was born two years ago to the same mom and dad. He is now 150 lbs and thankfully well mannered. The two of them are having lots of fun getting to know each other. Needless to say, just like bringing a baby home to siblings, you still need to watch them. So, my studio has moved to the kitchen/dining room so I can monitor the little one…. Her brother does a good job but… he still has trouble opening doors from the inside to let her out (he has no trouble letting himself in).

Thus, I am balancing the fun of new puppies with the joy of quilting for a while 🙂

Happy Quilting!