Cutting Corners Quilt by Jordan Fabrics. Dahlia sampler quilting by Laureen Smith.

I am excited that I finished my quilt sampler on the Cutting Corners quilt from Jordan Fabrics. Some people think of samplers having different patchwork. They can also have different types of quilting. This quilting can be set apart by area, color or within larger quilted elements. For example, alternating two quilt designs in a nine patch may give a tic-tac-toe effect.

In this simple quilt, the major design element was kept constant. It was created with the Jade Wreath ruler by HandiQuilter; echoing the petal tips provided depth to the quilting. The dahlia wasn’t heavily quilted so it seemed to puff up.

Meanwhile, the rest of the block was heavily quilted with various fill stitches from 365 Quilting Designs – Free Motion Ideas from Leah Day – Perpetual Calendar. This was a great way for me to practice twenty-four different fill designs. Why do you need so many stitches? Each quilt is unique and matching the fill to the character of the quilt is a nice touch.

I believe that even simple quilts can be extraordinary with the right quilting. So this year, I am going to up my game in quilting!

Have you created any filler samplers?

Happy Quilting