At this time of year, the mention of comets usually makes one think of one of Santa’s reindeer. In this case, it is December’s EQ Block Challenge! This is a contemporary foundation pieced block. As you could probably guess that making this block with traditional piecing or even templates would be difficult to get perfect points.

Most people who know me, also know that I am not much for taking the easy route. So I used the serendipity function to provide a kaleidoscope effect to the block and placed it in the center of the quilt. Can you even recognize the block now?  Then, I added a border of these blocks, rotating and flipping them until they provided a symmetrical frame around the kaleidoscope block. Borders are my best friend when it comes to quilting, so I added a few borders  to add more interest.

Then, I came the issue of coloring the block. What to use? The intersection of the triangles reminded me of palm fronds. So beach colors seemed appropriate for this quilt. Maybe it is the onset of cold weather that influenced my color choices… thinking of warm places on cold days.

I hope you like how I have turned comets at Christmas into Palms in the Breeze.

Happy Quilting 🙂