Are you one of those people who start to plan for next holiday a year in advance? I must admit that I used to be better about planning for the holidays. I would have all of the gifts purchased by Halloween. Unfortunately, that also led to a few unexpected issues. I would stash the gifts in a “safe place” to keep nosy family members from finding them. Sometimes, that place was so safe, that I didn’t find the gifts until years later! Needless to say, they were too small, not age appropriate, or totally out of style by then. That lesson has taught me to be a little more mindful of my gift giving. Gifts are generally more work but provide more reward and are less forgettable… especially for the one hiding them! This means more handmade gifts or event driven gifts, like theater tickets or excursions. The family definitely appreciates it.

Of course, making gifts, especially quilts, means more planning and getting started a little earlier. That is one of the reasons I start designing for the holidays in January! The good news for you is that means patterns are generally ready by June. This year is no exception! Here is a list of our holiday related patterns with images and links to the shop.

We hope you have fun planning for your holiday this summer.

Happy Quilting!


Starlit Stable

Santa’s Railway

No Place Like Gnome

Poinsettia & Pine

Poinsettia & Pine

Christmas Weaving

Shining Star Runner

Seven Stars

Shimmering Evening Splendor

Starlight Garland

Simply Snowman

Peppermint Parfait

Santa’s Tree Lot

Wintergreen Dream