Log Cabin 2

This month, EQ8 has put the Spotlight on the Log Cabin 2 block. In my mind this leads me to a more traditional quilt, even though tiny houses are making a comeback. When I thought of Log Cabins, I thought of our camping adventures at Fair Haven Beach State Park, where we rented a cabin in the woods, surrounded by pine trees and hiking trails. So, that is what I decided to make, or at least my interpretation of it.

For a few years, my parents, my sister’s family and my family would get together at the campgrounds on the shore of Lake Ontario. The campground were originally built by the Citizens Conservation Corps in the 1930s as part of an infrastructure program. Then, in the 1940s, it was used as a Prison of War camp for German soldiers. We liked to go there because my dad is an avid fisherman and he loved to fish with the kids from the pier. We would find a few hiking trails or the beach to wear the kids out during the day. Then, my sister and I would cook dinner, often over a campfire. The kids loved the campfire, but had to be watched carefully with melting marshmallows! One fling and a sugar burn reinforced that lesson unfortunately. We had two other dangers to avoid – a plethora of poison ivy and the resident skunk, who frequented the path to the latrines. My eldest son took a header from his bike into the poison ivy one day. Thankfully, a quick wash with soap and water immediately after contact prevented any rash. We were equally lucky with the skunk. He or she was seen, but getting everyone to freeze and stay very quiet prevented us from getting a nasty spray.

Cabin in the Woods

Enough of memory lane and back to the quilt. I used the Tree block and the Nine Patch Chain blocks from EQ8 to complete my block selection. The tree is obvious, while the Nine Patch Chain represents the hiking trails. Once the blocks were placed to my satisfaction, with a little Flying Geese sashing in between, it was time to color. Shades of cream, brown and green seemed appropriate for Cabin in the Woods.

What do you think of the end result?

Happy Quilting!