My boys grew up with Bob the Builder, Legos and Tonka trucks. I loved to watch they play and create and sometimes destroy. My oldest liked to build castles and with Legos. Anyone who has had Legos in their house knows they end up everywhere and you find them best with your feet! My oldest now builds sets and coordinates all of the stuff that goes on behind and above the scenes in theaters. My youngest was happiest in the sandbox with his trucks. He is studying to be a materials engineer.

It is amazing how play helps to shape kids as they get older. Mine were allowed to explore and create. That is what they like to do even now.

When I saw the Dear Stella “Get Loaded” fabric, it brought back all of those memories from when they were children. So I decided to create a quilt that incorporates both traditional building blocks and trucks. The truck wheels are sewn together and appliqued to the block, so there is no curved piecing.

I hope you will enjoy this fun pattern as much as I do! The pattern is available in my shop and on Etsy.

Happy Quilting!