As my youngest son is getting ready to go back to college, I am in mask making mode again. Amazing how much you learn and grow after making several hundred of these!

He likes the masks made with the Creative Grids template. Of course, I don’t quite follow the pattern instructions. I use flannel on the inside rather than quilting cotton, which will keep it softer. I add a middle layer of polyester interfacing to improve the efficiency of the mask. Now that elastic is available, adjustable elastic ear loops keep them from getting to tight or too loose (thanks to several YouTube sources). This helps keep a good fit.

I am still making masks for people in my area. Some prefer the pleated style. Others still like the cloth ties. People with little kids like the masks that loop around the back of the head. As I said, I am learning new techniques and making new designs… Each one is an improvement on the last.

I have lots of batiks in stock now, so can make a variety of colors. The kids really like the mottled prints that look like tie-dyed fabric.

I am sure as we move into fall, more masks will be needed so I keep sewing…..If you are interested in masks, send me an email ( and I will see what I can do.

Happy Quilting 🙂