A New valentine’s Day Project

Wedding Bouquet Block

For Valentine’s Day, a quilt in hues of pink and white, made of blocks about love and relationships, seem so appropriate. At least, that was my thinking when I designed my latest quilt. As with several of my other quilts I used traditional blocks to tell a story. This story will be a bit of a mystery – say a novella – as I release pictures of block each day. Authors and playwrights believe romance needs a little mystery – so here is my attempt!

The center block of this quilt is based upon Nancy Pages Wedding Bouquet (Birmingham New, Jan 5, 1943). The original block was made of simple pieces – squares, triangles and parallelograms. However, it would require Y-seams, which some quilters really don’t like. So I revised the block slightly to remove the Y-seams, but keep the overall appearance. To make the points sharp and easy, it is paper-pieced.

This block is ready to go as soon as it is trimmed to size and pressed. Now, it is time to start on the next block for the quilt!

I hope you enjoy my little mystery!

Happy Quilting


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