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Quilting for Your Health

Ever since I was little, I have needed to craft – not just wanted but needed it. No matter what else was going on in my life, creating helped me feel good. That “crafting high” is what I needed. Many of us joke about being addicted to fabric or quilting. Believe it or not, there […]

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Scented Neck Pillows

I am thrilled to share this collaborative project between Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts and Timeless Treasures. We worked together to create this video demonstrating how to make scented neck pillows. For more information, visit the Timeless Treasures blog or see our video on YouTube! The video was released at the perfect time for a last […]

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Scented Relaxation Pillows

Have you ever noticed that your shoulders are stiff after a wonderful day of sewing, quilting, baking, cooking, or computer work? It is because you are either using muscles more than you are used to or have “poor posture” as my mother used to say. Now, they call that ergonomics. Well, I am not here […]

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