Month: May 2021

Frosty Fox

Our neighborhood abut a nature preserve, so we have lots of furry creatures roaming around. Some of them you only see after dusk or around dawn, like the bears, coyotes, raccoons, and deer. Others venture out during the day such as beavers, rabbits and fox. I love living on the edge of nature. Frosty Fox […]

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Get it Straight

Many of us think our obstacle to piecing in the perfect 1/4-inch seam. You have worked so hard to be consistent and know your machine, but pieces are still not quite right… What gives? Maybe it is your cutting. Cutting straight lines is about as easy as walking a straight one. We need guidelines and […]

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Template Frustrations

Have you ever used paper foundations or templates for a project? Have you sewn a block together and found it to be smaller than the designer says it should be? Did you measure your 1/4-inch seam accurate and still have an issue? You are not alone. This often happens with copies or printed patterns. It […]

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Forget Me Not Quilt

As many of my followers know, we are hosting a Quilt Along starting July 6th to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. In preparation for the QAL, we have done a lot of work to get there! A year and a half ago, I designed the Forget Me Not quilt to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. My family […]

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Fawn in the Forest

Yesterday, my son and I took Fergus (our Newfoundland that is often mistaken for a bear) on a walk in the woods. It was so peaceful with a gentle breeze, the warm sun peaking through the canopy of leaves that had just filled in. As we strolled along the well tended paths (avoiding poison ivy […]

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Rotary Cutters

Have you ever noticed that there are so many different types of rotary cutters? Why do we need so many different kinds? Is it just marketing? Well, it isn’t just marketing, some really do different things and have unique features. For example, some have more ergonomic handles than others. That is important especially if you […]

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Star Dahlia

It is time for the EQ8 Block Spotlight again! This month, it is the Star Dahlia, which is similar to the Jungle flower we tackled last year. This block can be made as a pieced block, but is probably easier to make as a combination of piecing and applique, like a true dahlia or wheel. […]

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Building Blocks

My boys grew up with Bob the Builder, Legos and Tonka trucks. I loved to watch they play and create and sometimes destroy. My oldest liked to build castles and with Legos. Anyone who has had Legos in their house knows they end up everywhere and you find them best with your feet! My oldest […]

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Shore to Peaks

I have some very exciting news to share with you today! Short to Peaks has been published in Quiltmaker’s July/August 2021 issue! It is a foundation pieced pattern made from Hoffman of California’s Watercolors. The editors at the magazine did an amazing job of not only writing the pattern, but showing the free motion quilting […]

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Scented Neck Pillows

I am thrilled to share this collaborative project between Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts and Timeless Treasures. We worked together to create this video demonstrating how to make scented neck pillows. For more information, visit the Timeless Treasures blog or see our video on YouTube! The video was released at the perfect time for a last […]

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