Quilter Profiles

As a quilter you are unique.

You found quilting through a family member, a friend, a teacher, a TikTok video, etc.

You are in different stages of your quilting abilities. Some are just beginning. Others have been making the same tried and true, well-loved patterns. There are a few adventurous ones who are constantly trying something new.

You learn techniques in different ways. Some learn from friends and in person classes or retreats. Some read and experiment. Others follow videos and online tutorials. We each have our own way of increasing our skills.

You enjoy various sizes for projects. Some like them lap sized and smaller. Others like the big and bold.

You tackle different methods, like traditional piecing, English paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, applique, or combinations of them.

You prefer particular types of quilting. Some have the patience for hand quilting. Others rely upon their domestic machine and walking foot. Some are daring with free motion on their domestic machines. A few passionate quilters have the luxury of a longarm. And other quilt by check.

You like distinct styles of quilts. Many like simple traditional quilts. Others gravitate to the sleek modern quilts. Some are excited by fiber arts, while others make the most of miniatures.

You incorporate sundry other craft skills into your quilting like painting, beading, embroidery, or crochet. While others are purists for simple fabric quilts.

And you each have your favorite palettes: bold primaries, black and white, monochromatic, scrappy, pastel, muted, and a host of others.

There are so many ways we are unique and yet we all love quilting.

What type of quilter are you?