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Phew! I’ve Got the SKU

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. Yup – I had to look it up. Why should quilters even care about SKUs? Yes, we need them if we want to make a quilt exactly as designed. But what else does a SKU do? If you are shopkeeper, designer or suppliers, SKUs keep your world running smoothly. […]

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What’s in the Selvedge?

The selvedge, or finished edge, of your quilting fabric may be a little more special than you realize. Are you curious? If so, please read on. First, it helps to understand a little bit about how fabric created. Woven fabrics, like quilting fabric, are made on a loom. Threads are attached to and wound around […]

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Panel Quilt Patterns Never Go Stale

Panels quilts are all the rage. Goodness knows, I have designed so many of them. The panels are for sale for a short period of time, then they are gone. So why buy a pattern with a panel, especially if you can only use it once? Other quilt patterns can be used over again, just […]

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