Floral Fancy Membership

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If you like three-dimensional flowers, this membership is for you! We add new patterns and techniques routinely so that you can elevate your quilting skills.

Each month, we will add a new flower, which you can download at any time. The membership does not have an expiration date. So you can take your time and learn to do each one.

As we add them, they will appear as lessons below.

We start at the very beginning and provide tutorials for each step of the process. When generic steps are used, such as printing, we will provide a generic video. Otherwise, we will provide details as we make each flower!

Some lessons do need to be taken in a particular order. In those cases, you will note that the pre-requisites are listed.

To get started, we recommend trying the Daisy lesson first. It is probably the easiest of the flower and really teaches the basics to do the others.

We also add bonus content periodically, such as unique ways to finish or combine blocks. Those will be located in the Bonus Module. Just watch for the new content!

So pick a lesson and let the creativity begin!

To get the most recent files, go to the first lesson of the module. The most recent file will be listed there!


Mini Quilts - Daisy

Learn to make floral appliques that truly pop with Floral Fancy! Course includes templates, applique techniques, quilting ideas, and embellishments.


Poinsettia Runner - Bonus Content

Bonus content for those taking the Poinsettia Runner Class includes: Connecting Embellishing Binding