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Wellness Plan

The last article in our series for Studio Spa Treatment is to develop a Wellness Plan. Even with all our cleaning and prepping, it is our stash that often gets in the way. What do we do with fabric that we know we won’t ever use. How about the ruler sets we thought we might […]

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Tool Deep Clean

Next to my bobbin case, my iron probably collects the most dirt and grime. How you ask? Starch and fusible collect on my iron like hair in the shower drain. Disgusting analogy, but pretty accurate. My rulers have a collection of fingerprints, which mean I am transferring oils from my fingers to the ruler, which […]

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Buffing It Up

What is a spa day without a buff and polish? Not complete! In that case, let’s buff up or sharpen our tools. The two most important tools to sharpen are scissors and rotary cutters.  Remember, we already sharpened our needle by changing it! For some reason, many of us tend to fight with our rotary […]

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Machine Massage

This is not a new concept, but it may be the first time it is called a machine massage! The idea is to exercise your machine by having it go through each of your stitches. If you are going to take the time to do this exercise, why not have something to show for it. […]

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Sewing Machine Makeover

What exactly is a sewing machine makeover?  Think of this as the equivalent of a cleaning, toning, and adding a little bit of cosmetics. First and foremost, with any cleaning you need to get deep. This means taking your machine apart (as far as you are comfortable) to get to the grime. As a safety […]

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Give Your Studio a Spa Treatment

What is your New Year’s Resolution? I made few of them. One was to give my studio a spa treatment. Why not? Who doesn’t like a day being pampered. My equipment probably will like it too. Yes, I have probably been spending too much time in there during the past two years when my tools […]

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