Forget Me Not Quilt Along

Welcome to the FREE Forget Me Not Quilt Along! Quilt 2 End ALZ and Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts have partnered to bring you this exciting and informative Quilt Along (QAL). We will be posting information about the Quilt Along (QAL) here as well as in Facebook .

The Forget Me Not (QAL) officially starts in July 6th, but we are sharing some preparatory information now. We want you to enjoy this experience as you make this gorgeous quilt and learn more about Alzheimer’s. This QAL was designed to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association of America. Hopefully, we will achieve both!

Throughout the QAL, we will be giving away prizes from our sponsors.

The first step to join is to join the Facebook group and/or purchase the QAL. We say purchase even though it is free! The purchase puts you on the mailing list to receive updates to this page and portions of the pattern.

The second step is to gather your fabrics! Stitchin’ Heaven is selling kits for the QAL. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Association of America. They are encouraging people to purchase kits in May to ensure delivery by July. You can also use your own fabrics. A list of fabrics and amounts are listed on the Fabric Map, which will help you keep track of all the colors needed to achieve the effect. There is a video to explain how to use the fabric map on YouTube.

The third step is to prepare your fabrics. If you are using batiks, we strongly encourage you to wash the fabrics to prevent bleeding later. Once the excess dye is removed, press the wet fabric with a hot iron to dry it and remove wrinkles. No need to use the dryer!

Most people use rotary cutters for their quilt preparation. Do you know the difference between some of them? Do you know which one you should use when? Do you know how to safely change the blade? If you want to know more, please watch this video, Sharpening your Skills – Rotary Cutters. Since your rotary cutters are going to be used quite a bit for this quilt, maybe it is time to make sure they are sharp.

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