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In an attempt at organization several years ago, I started putting my projects in boxes with the instructions and backing if I had already purchased it. Eventually, I ran out of boxes because my love of projects outpaced my ability to complete them. I now have a closet fully of fabric wishes.

So another year’s resolution is to complete more of those wishes than making new ones. That is not easy goal to achieve for someone who designs quilts. To ensure the patterns work, I need to make most of the ones I design.

My plan is to start with those project the projects that already have had a needle to them and finish them! Of course, first I had to find them in that scary closet full of wishes. Or maybe they were in the boxes on the three bookshelves in my sewing room? So far, the projects haven’t crept out of that room… I think?! Ok, I will admit I have a fabric habit and unbounded optimism to use that fabric. I am sure my fellow quilters will understand.

Since the boxes had the oldest projects, they had the best chance of having the partially completed projects. See more optimism on my part! Rather than waste time, I dove right in and committed to finish the first partially completed project I found. The first such box was on a bookshelf. When I opened the box, I didn’t even recognize the project I found. How old was this project? Well, the receipt for the kit was in box with the fabric…I bought the Old Primrose Inn by Blackbird Designs in 2012. It had beautiful muted pinks, blues, greens, yellow and browns. It was very pretty, set on point (my favorite setting) and was mostly simple squares.

Of course, I wondered why I didn’t finish the project. I obviously started in when I moved to South Carolina. I am sure that being a crazy single, working mother with two teenage boys t that time couldn’t have anything to do with it being partially complete. My detective work began. As I pulled the fabric, blocks and partial blocks out of the box, I found a seam ripper. That did not bode well. How bad was this project if I packed it up with the ripper still in it??

Only one way to find out. I pulled out the instructions and the pieces to see where I left off. Of the eight steps, I had completed step one, which was sewing together strips for the main blocks. That was good news! But I stopped in the middle of step two, assembling the strips for the main blocks. Two were done and one was partially done. That is where I found it. The third block was put together all wrong. No time like the present – I picked up where I left off and finished disassembling. Then, I sorted all of the remaining strips, clipped them together in the right order and took inventory of what still needed to be cut for the rest of the blocks. I reviewed the rest of the instructions and built a plan to get it done.

Now, I am on the road to completion! I will let you know how it goes in the next few days.

How are you jump starting your UFOs?

Happy Quilting


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