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Petals and Passion

The EQ8 Block Spotlight this month is Around the World block. This is a special combination of sixteen Drunkard Path blocks. My first step was to use Serendipity to make a version of the block on point. The on point and normal version were placed in a nine-patch arrangement. Then, it came time for the […]

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Unexpected Turn

Do you ever find that turning one block can make all the difference? That is exactly what happened when I was playing with the EQ8 Spotlight blocks this month. The block is Fan Dance 3. It is a simple block and I didn’t want to use it like a traditional fan.  The best way to […]

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Floral Points

Taking a day to play. Sometimes, we just need to step away for a little bit and catch our breath, unplug. I have four methods: hiking with my dogs, baking, gardening, and designing. My profession can also help me unplug. When I design for fun, there are not deadline, no stress, just play. That is […]

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Ice Flowers

Several years ago, when I visited my Aunt in Southern California, I noticed these amazing little flowers growing all along the roadside. I asked her what they were. She replied they were really a weed that was invading the area. Apparently, they had been planted years ago to stabilize the area along the roadside and […]

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