T-Shirt Quilts

Do you have a stash of memories in the form of T-shirts? We can turn those T-shirts into a snuggly keepsake quilt for you or someone you love. There are a few options available for T-shirt quilts:

  • Premium sashed quilt: 1/2-inch frame around each block and 2-inch sashing with 2-inch quilt border ($22 per block)
  • Standard sashed quilt: 2-inch sashing with 2-inch quilt border ($20 per block)
  • Simple quilt: 2-inch quilt border – no frame or sashing ($16 per block)
  • Simple piecing: combining T-shirts to make a full-sized block
  • Standard edge-to-edge quilting: uniform quilting across the quilt (add $10 per block)
  • Custom quilting: special quilting that uses elements of the T-shirts or details from the client to decorate the quilt (add $5 per block)
  • Wider border: 6-inch rather than 2-inch border(add $20)

If you are interested in an estimate, please email us at for more details.

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